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Press Release 35/2018

Special offers from Cyta for students…and not only!

Cyta welcomes a new academic year with special offers for students, as well as for new and current customers.

Free installation:

  1. Telephony and Internet until 30 September
  2. Cytavision – 1st and 2nd set top box for new and current customers until 30 September
  3. Special Offers:
    • Purchase of a laptop or tablet on easy payment terms
    • Discount on the monthly subscription for a 2nd Internet Home subscription of up to 45% or
    • Special reduced monthly charges for students
    • Free 2-month subscription to Cytavision’s Value Pack and Variety Pack for new customers at no obligation
    • 50% discount for two (2) months on the monthly subscription to Cytavision’s Super Pack for new customers at no obligation

For more information about all our special offers, visit or any store on the Cyta sales network or contact the Cyta Call Centre on 132.

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