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Cyta upgrades “Safe Internet for home” service for children’s online protection

Cyta has upgraded “Safe Internet for home”, the service that protects children from undesirable online content on any device connected to the Internet via an Internet Home product. Devices include laptop computers, tablets, mobile phones, gaming consoles, smart TVs, etc., that access the Internet via the Wi-Fi or wired network in the home.

Customers of the service can select the profile that best suits the needs of their family. Additionally, in an easy and practical way, they can determine the permitted amount of Internet time for the family and create lists of specific websites to which they do not allow online access.

Through this service, Cyta is providing parents with an effective tool, which enables them to offer their children the pleasure of learning, communication and entertainment in safety.

“Safe Internet for home” is offered free to all customers of Internet Home by Cytanet. To connect, simply contact the Cyta Call Centre on 132, visit any Cyta shop or send an e-mail to

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